Electric Wood Gas Fire Oven

The Electric Gas Fire Oven by RK Tandoor is a high-capacity, versatile commercial oven that can cook up to nine 9-inch pizzas at once, powered by electric, gas, wood, or coal. It is designed for durability and mobility, weighing 900kg and equipped with four wheels.



The Electric Wood Gas Fire Oven by RK Tandoor is an ideal solution for commercial food operations, designed to deliver high-quality performance with impressive capacity and versatility. Established in 2016, RK Tandoor is known for manufacturing premium pizza ovens and copper tandoors, and this oven continues that tradition under the expert leadership of CEO Mr. Bachan Khan.
Key Features:
Material: Crafted from durable steel or metal, ensuring long-lasting use and resilience in demanding environments.
Design: The oven’s square shape maximizes space efficiency, making it perfect for various commercial kitchens, including food trucks and pizzerias.
Capacity: Capable of cooking nine 9-inch pizzas simultaneously, this oven meets high-demand cooking needs with ease and efficiency.
Power Source: Versatile in its fuel options, it operates on electric, gas, wood, or coal, providing flexibility based on availability and user preference.
Mobility: Weighing 900 kg and equipped with four wheels, this oven is easily transportable, allowing for convenient relocation as needed.
Dimensions: Measuring 58 x 58 x 60 inches, it is designed to fit into compact spaces while providing a generous cooking area.
Manufactured in India: This oven embodies RK Tandoor’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, making it an excellent choice for any commercial kitchen aiming to enhance its cooking capabilities.
The Wood Gas Fire Oven by RK Tandoor offers a blend of durability, efficiency, and flexibility, making it a valuable addition to any commercial food operation.


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